My services as a Personal Stylist are tailored to each individual as we are all different and each journey is unique. Working with me will lead to you gaining a thorough understanding of your body type, colouring and style preferences.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. ~ Rachel Zoe

I will equip you with the skills to take control of your image, enabling you to look fabulous, gain self-esteem and build self-confidence.

For most of us there is a strong link between looking our best, feeling great and performing to our full potential.

The building blocks for the services that I offer to both men and women are:

Some of my clients take all of these as a complete makeover with on-going support to fine-tune and keep their image fresh.

“Karen, I have been coloured, styled, weeded and dressed by you. It has left me feeling uplifted by the whole experience. To step out of that changing room in the most beautiful outfits and look a stone lighter and 6 inches taller than when I went in was just incredible. Thank you for giving me the tools, inspiration and confidence so that henceforth I will always dress to impress!” ~ Louise McIntyre